Unintended ‘phantom’ energy use can add to your electric bill

Between the price of the phone and the cost of the service, a smartphone is a pretty big investment. Don’t add to the cost by wasting electricity while you charge it up.

If your phone is plugged into a charger that’s plugged into the wall, it’s using electricity. If the phone is fully charged and it’s still plugged in, it’s still using electricity.

            If you unplug your phone but leave the charger plugged into the wall, that charger is still using electricity.

Charging your phone—or even leaving the charger plugged in without the phone—wastes very little energy. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the average home wastes about $100 a year on “phantom energy” from electronic devices that remain plugged in when not in use.

But why waste and pay for energy that you’re not using? Simply plug chargers and other digital equipment into power strips, and unplug the power strip when you’re not using the devices.