Unplug This Summer

Unplugging from the rat race for a week or so during the summer helps recharge your batteries. Unplugging your appliances when nobody’s using them helps conserve energy.  Read More


Dimming Lights Can Save Energy

If you’re looking for a quick way to save on your electricity bill, install a dimmer switch. Dimmer switches reduce a lamp’s wattage, which can save you money while giving the room a cozy feel.  Read More


Cool Off Your Garage

Most garages have little or no insulation in the walls or ceiling. At most homes, nobody spends much time in there with the cars, lawn tools and Christmas decorations, so keeping it cool in the summer or warm in the winter might seem like a waste of money. Read More


Give Your A/C Some TLC

Once the weather starts to warm up but before it gets hot outdoors, schedule an appointment with a qualified air conditioning technician to take a look at your a/c system. Read More


Springtime A/C Check Well Worth The Money

The best way to save on energy expenses this summer might be to pay $100 or so to have your air conditioning system inspected right now.

A professional HVAC technician will inspect all of the components of your system and let you know if any need repairing so you'll have a heads-up before the cooling season begins and you're stuck without any air conditioning on the hottest day of the summer with an unexpected breakdown.

A note:  It's usually cheaper to pay per inspection rather than to sign an annual contract for a/c and heating maintenance. Either way, paying a pro to maintain your heating and cooling system is worth the money. Read More