Surprise newlyweds with energy-efficient gifts

It’s wedding season. Why not make a difference in the lives of those you’re buying gifts for?

Newlyweds who are furnishing their first homes need everything from small kitchen appliances, like toasters and mixers, to powerhouse machines like vacuum cleaners. If that’s the gift you’d like to give, consider selecting an energy-efficient model.

Here are some ideas:

  • Microwave ovens and slow cookers use less energy than the oven or stovetop to cook meals, and they often require less effort.
  • Wrap up an electric blanket as a gift to help your friends stay warm in the winter and reduce heating bills. Choose one with an automatic shutoff for safety.
  • A ceiling fan is a unique gift that anyone in a new home will appreciate all year round. Choose one in a style that matches the décor of your friends’ home and offer to have it installed for them.
  • If your friends have asked for bathroom fixtures, choose a low-flow showerhead, which uses up to 50 percent less hot water than a regular model, often without reducing the quality of a shower.
  • And a high-quality, shock-absorbing power strip never goes out of style and is always welcome. Plus, it’s a pretty sure bet that nobody else will give that gift but you.