Save energy with new paint job

While the weather’s still warm outside, consider having the outside of your house painted—and save some energy in the process.

A coat of fresh paint on your house can boost more than just curb appeal when you use an energy-efficient paint additive designed to reflect the summer heat.

 Paint additives are designed to insulate the materials on your home’s exterior. The additives come in a powder, which you can stir into any paint or coating without changing the texture or color of the paint.

As the paint dries, tiny, non-toxic ceramic bits in the additives form a layer that reflects radiant and solar heat away from the surface instead of absorbing it. In the summer, that means your air conditioning won’t have to work as hard to fend off the outdoor heat.

Used indoors, the paint additives can benefit your bottom line in the winter, too. The energy-efficient layer reflects heat back into the room that normally would be lost to the cold outdoors.