Run Ceiling Fans To Stay Comfortable

Installing and running ceiling fans during the summer will make you feel cooler and more comfortable while you are in a room where one is operating.

Because the fans move the air, they create a subtle breeze that feels good when it blows across your skin.

So running a fan in an unoccupied room is a waste of energy. If nobody is there to feel the breeze, there’s no reason to create it.

A ceiling fan doesn’t cool the house; it just makes someone who is sitting or standing nearby feel cooler.

So turn off your fans when you leave a room, and flip them back on when you return.

A tip: Installing ceiling fans in rooms where your family spends the most time is a good investment in energy efficiency. When you run a ceiling fan, your comfort level will increase so much that you can turn the a/c thermostat up by 4 degrees without feeling any difference.

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