Replace your power strips

When you leave home electronics like TVs, computers and game consoles plugged in all the time—even when they’re turned off—they continue to use small amounts of electricity.         That’s a waste of electricity—and a waste of your money because you continue to pay for the power they consume, even if you’re not getting any benefit from it. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that his “vampire load” can add up to $200 a year to your electric bill.

            The solution: Instead of plugging these devices into a wall socket—or even into a regular power strip—plug them into an “advanced” power strip that blocks unused electronics from drawing electricity.

            An advanced power strip looks just like your old one, but inside, it does so much more. By replacing your standard power strip with one of these advanced models in your TV room/entertainment center and home office, you can save energy and money.