Ready for summer? How about your a/c?

Warm summer weather can’t come soon enough after a long winter. Is your air conditioning system as ready for it as you are?

The best way to find out is to ask a professional.

Schedule a tune-up for your air conditioner now, before the temperature starts to soar. Don’t wait for your system to break down when it’s super-hot outside and repair techs are at their busiest. Prevent it.

You can help your a/c do a better job this summer by: 

  • Turning on your ceiling fans to circulate cool air. That might make your home comfortable enough to turn the thermostat up a bit.
  • Close the window blinds while the sun’s out so the warm rays won’t heat up your home.
  • Add insulation to your attic and caulk windows. Preventing cool air from leaking out of your house can reduce cooling costs by up to 20 percent.