Keep the heat out

          It’s easier than you might think to keep your home cool and comfortable during summer’s hottest days—without cranking up the a/c. Here are four simple ways:

  1. Clean or change your air conditioning filter. The hotter is gets outdoors, the more you’ll stay inside where it’s cool. Make sure your air conditioning is running at its optimal level by cleaning or replacing the air filter. This can also help prevent your air conditioner from breaking down in the future.
  2. Tightly close outside windows and doors. There’s no need to cool the outdoor air with your a/c unit. When you have the air conditioner running, double-check that all of your exterior windows and doors are closed. For good measure, caulk around windows, doors and outlets so the hot weather can’t sneak into the house through exterior walls—and the cool air can’t get out.
  3. Run ceiling fans. If the temperature is bearable outside, turn off the air conditioning and flip on a few floor and ceiling fans. This will cut down on summer electric bills, as a ceiling fan uses no more electricity than a regular light bulb.
  4. Close window shades, blinds or drapes. They will keep the sun’s heat out and give your A/C a break.