Celebrate Father’s Day with safety

Most dads love power tools, and they’re easy to find and order online.

Help the father in your household celebrate Father’s Day with the gift of a new tool—and some advice for using it safely.

Here are a few common-sense precautions to take when using electric tools:

  • Read the instructions that come with the tool. Even if you have used similar tools in the past, heed safety warnings.
  • Equip the garage, basement and outdoor outlets with ground-faculty circuit interrupters before starting work in those areas. GFCIs can prevent a tool-user from getting shocked or even electrocuted, especially in areas that are prone to dampness.
  • Inspect tools—even new ones—before and after using them. Wear and tear can damage tools. Damaged tools can catch on fire or malfunction in a way that can harm the user.
  • Don’t use power tools near gasoline, paint thinner or any other flammable liquids.
  • Clean up work areas so sawdust, shavings and other debris don’t become a fire hazard.