Attic insulation prevents home’s largest energy leaks

Did you know that up to a quarter of your home’s heated or air-conditioned air leaks right out of your house through the attic?

Don’t adjust the thermostat to compensate for the resulting too-chilly or too-warm room temperatures. Instead, add attic insulation.

Even in a “tight” newer home, an attic comes with gaps and cracks. Good builders have sealed them up and covered them with insulation.

But in an older home—and even as your newer home gets older—those seals can wear off and that insulation can fall out of place. Insulation doesn’t work if it’s not touching the surface it’s meant to insulate.

So climb up into your attic and have a look. If you see that the insulation has come loose, reattach it or add some more.

One of the easiest ways to make your home more energy efficient is to monitor your attic insulation to make sure it is remains property attached. This prevents energy loss through the attic—which can be excessive.